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Many people experience false limitations related to unconscious beliefs and choices. Quantum Recovery Coaching (QRC) empowers conscious patterns of behavior for self-liberation in fulfillment of one’s true desires.


you have finally broken the insidious cycle of addiction which has been running your life.


are you intending to create and build on your new foundation in recovery?


is the time to take action, with clarity and confidence, as you focus on creating the life of your true desires.

Philosophy and Practice

It is abundantly clear that most substance use disorders (aka, Addiction) are legitimate attempts to remedy life conditions we deem to be uninspired, insufficient, or downright intolerable. Whether we are indulging in youthful splendor, mitigating personal pain, or struggling with frustrations of false limitation, all forms of addictive behavior create unplanned for outcomes that are completely disruptive to our having and living the life of our true desires. Substance abuse also acts to suppress underlaying imbalances in one’s mental and emotional well-being that need to be faced and overcome in order to move forward in living a fulfilling life.

Embracing Challenges

Those who seek the services of QRC will be ready to face and over-come the challenges in their life. They will have already embraced the language of recovery, addiction treatment and recovery. They will wholly recognize that in order to move forward on their life path with their newly formed skill set they will need and desire the services of a Health and Wellness Coach. The ideal client will be open to new concepts and ideas of healing and wholeness.

Wild Woman – Warrior’s Way


We are living a Mythology.  The stories we tell ourselves about the past, the present and imagine for the future have been with us for ages.  The names and faces constantly change, but the enduring truths they bare are eternal.  Any break from participation in the mystery that is the story of the ages instantly renders us lost in understanding the fabric of the Cosmos.  Awareness of ourselves as the Wild Woman, feminine archetype, and Warrior, masculine archetype, is essential to our continued survival as a thriving species on this our sacred planet Earth.

Creating and having your own Shamanic Awakening to Higher Self in recovery.

At the foundation of QRC is direct experience, augmented by research and study leading to the development of wisdom gained through the application and practice of all methods espoused. As the primary provider of services for QRC it has been the combination of my own life experiences, relevant studies and passions explored that have led me to embody this extraordinary position of providing guidance to those in need in the style of Shaman, Healer, Sage. All these historic identities, having their own origin of significance, come with specific traditional rites of initiation, but I am not performing in that context but rather as one who acting now as a Modern Mystic, borrowing from the ancients, in service of the needs of a society in crisis. Especially our western society which has divorced itself from most of all its ancestral traditions; traditions deemed unnecessary in a race with-out end.

Your Coach

Daniel Ide is a Certified Integrative Coach specializing in Personal Growth and Development for individuals in recovery for substance use and related mental health disorders. He works primarily with successful clients who have broken the cycle of abuse and are now ready to embrace the challenges of moving forward in the realization of their true desires. Using cutting edge technology, both modern and ancient, his approach to coaching empowers clear, confident goal setting and focused patterns of behavior for the fulfillment of one’s true desires.

What Clients Say

“Daniel Ide is enthusiastic and passionate about his work in helping people overcome trauma, especially (and in my case) around destructive (maladaptive?) behaviors and addiction recovery. Daniel and I met initially through Biofield Tuning, and progressed into Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and coaching.

Daniel is very easy to talk to, non-judgmental and holds space for growth and just being where you’re at in the moment. Daniel’s guidance is gentle, compassionate, and professional while also being insightful. I’ve made some connections between my behaviors and life events that have helped me to heal, though this process is never done as we are always growing! If you’re looking to a spiritual and practical coach, Daniel is for you!”

Morgan Smidt – B.S. Chemistry

“I am ever grateful to the universal powers that brought me to Daniel’s Integrative Coaching practice. I cannot put into words how much the NLP intensive has been useful as our year progressed. I saw Daniel at a point in my life where all of my past trauma and emotional baggage was deciding how I would show up to every stressful event. Daniel has a talent to be able to gently pull out the baggage, dissect the source of pain and negative reactions and through the NLP process, clear the emotional and mental pathway for a positive future! While life has continued to throw challenges our way, I continue to be impressed with how well I have been able to cope. Facing the mortality of both of my adult children this year has been the challenge of my life. I am astounded with the weight my husband and I carry. But when I look back at goals I created at the end of the NLP process, I am ever grateful because it is evident that the process has continued to provide me with the strength to face the challenges with grace and in a state of positive acceptance and decisiveness rather than a state of fight or flight. I am no longer a slave to the emotional baggage that was deciding my negative reactive state. I honestly feel like a stronger, more authentic me!”

Claudia J.


Discover the empowering freedom gained through the highly advanced techniques of Quantum Recovery Coaching. All great adventures of discovery begin with a single step in the right direction. Do so now and be amazed by the unlimited possibilities unfolding before you. Connect with us now and let the journey begin.

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