Embracing Challenges

Their existing model of the world will need to be infused with curiosity, and they will fare better as willing agents of change open to experimentation and the exploration of new avenues of relating to self and others. Their spiritual inclinations may or may not be organized into a coherent understanding, either way they will want to be flexible in accepting challenging new concepts and ideas that will invite in even newer ways of thinking, seeing and being in the world. How they view the mind, emotions and the body will also be scrutinized, analyzed and influenced anew by concepts and ideas only just recently embraceable in our modern world, although they will be easily recognized as coming from sources ancient and foreign to our current western mind set of scientific material reductionism.

The right client will be ready to take responsibility for the role they are playing in the world, open to forgiveness practices that will release them from judgements of themselves in the past and courageous enough to move forward in a good way. When issues of cause and effect are introduced into the conversation, they will be accepting of the karma created, accept the past for the lessons they have to offer while remaining willing to set new goals for future performance more in line with their true desires and authentic visions for themselves. None or all of these aspects may or may not be present, but the potential for realizing them must at least be a consideration and be viewed as being possible in the course of taking an active role in the coaching services offered by QRC.

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