Philosophy and Practice

Recovery from substance use disorders, psychological dependency, and the depressing lifestyle they foment is a necessary first step for reclaiming one’s personal power, but it is only the beginning. In order to define one’s true meaning of purpose in recovery, continuing in the adventure of awakening to one’s Self, it is imperative to muster the courage to go deep into the unknown of addiction compulsion. Be curious, asking yourself: “Why would I treat myself so poorly?” and “What do I truly desire for myself now?” Brave the wilderness of not knowing the answer right away. Go on that adventure of discovery and be willing to experiment with emerging opportunities as they unfold before you. Dare to transform the energy of addiction from enslavement to adoration. All things existing in equal measure, good and evil included, endeavor to achieve balance of harmony. Do not seek to banish addiction, per se, but rather integrate its teachings into a cohesive wholeness that becomes of all your life experiences. The opposite of addiction is connection. Connect now with your true Self. Be in the mystery. Embrace all experience, knowledge, and wisdom equally. Thrive in recovery in a way that only you can.

Quantum Recovery Coaching (QRC) is not for everyone. It is an Integrative Coaching program which specializes in personal growth and development, inspiring the highly motivated individual in post-recovery to ambitiously transform their addiction and recovery experience into the best thing that has ever happened for them in their life so far. Its progressive design brings together the best of both worlds: that of the New Science of Quantum Physics and the Ancient Wisdom Ways familiar to our ancestors (a valued wisdom once lost, forgotten, or suppressed, now re-emerging triumphantly). Modeling the best practices from both worlds and following in the way of other’s demonstrable success, QRC systematically coaches for the identification, pursuit, and fulfillment of one’s true desires.

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