Quit Smoking in 60 Minutes

The Quit Smoking 60 process (QS60) uses cutting edge communications technology in
Hypnotherapy to remove all desire for smoking and vaping. Research studies at Texas A & M
and the University of Washington have conclusively demonstrated Hypnotherapy as being the
most effective treatment for smoking and vaping cessation. Hypnotherapy also touts similar
success in quelling relevant eating disorders. Practitioners using the QS60 process report
success rates around 94% for qualified clients who follow the instructions of the
Hypnotherapist. The QS60 process is so effective in producing desired results that it’s
practitioners guarantee 100% success for qualified clients or your money back.

This simple easy process for quitting smoking, vaping and responding to the common issues
of weight gain, nervousness and addiction can be conducted in 60 minutes or less. There is a
pre-screening process for identifying qualified participants and an optional follow up session
for knocking our any lingering issues. A Pfizer study on smoking revealed that 80% of all
smokers are desperate to quit. The common complaints are the awful pungent odor, the health
risks and ongoing financial stress related to smoking. “Vapers” are additionally concerned for
similar reasons and are now facing an ever growing crisis of health issues only now being
addressed by our leading health institutions.

Find out now if you qualify as a QS60 client. Permanent freedom from smoking, vaping and
related disorders awaits you.

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