Creating and having your own Shamanic Awakening to Higher Self in recovery.

I am prepared now to meet most of all these societal needs with training and certifications obtained in the fields of Neuro-Linguistic Programming, MER (Mental Emotional Release) and Hypnosis. Additionally, I am an accomplished musician, designer and Sound Healing Practitioner with certification in Biofield Tuning. I have been actively practicing all these techniques in programs of recovery focused on Mental Health and Substance Use Disorders. In this treatment community I am professionally trained as a Registered Alcohol and Drug Technician (RADT II) and recognized for bringing a unique blend of science and spirituality into the traditional programs of recovery. As a group facilitator, with a one-of-kind program, I have successfully experimented with and discovered a fundamental alchemy of ideas and concepts, both ancient and new, which empower men and women in crisis to experience the true potential for creating and having their own Shamanic Awakening to Higher Self in recovery. What is truly fascinating is that the characteristics that once, distorted by my own false limitations, would have certainly led to my own pre-mature demise are now the source of inspiration and energy that guide and empower me to act in the capacity of a mystical healer in service of others on the path of crisis and transformation.

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